Our Causes

Presently Working in over various district of Assam, we promote sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities to eradicate poverty, illiteracy and disease. We also respond to disasters and emergencies, helping people in crisis. We also provide various training to people for entrepreneurship skill development programme. Provide free education to illiterate persons, women and Children's


In 2011 HBO started a school named "IKRA ACADEMY ", a program uses the First Serve educational Curriculum to "empower children and young people by providing knowledge through the education." In first year student enrollment is 172. At Present about 280 no. of student. Out of 280 HBO provide free schooling for 50 no.of student who are good merit but economically poor. HBO also give importance of girls education. The aim of the HBO is to develop the school up to minimum Degree college level and makes a meaningful difference in the lives of our youth.


Bringing training to the underpriviledged free of cost, so as to ensure that the underpriviledged get hands-on-oppurtinity to skills earn their daily livelihood and stand self-independent, with the minimal amount of dignity that human beings should get. Our training is free of cost for the receiver of the training. Our desire is to ensure that the underpriviledged no longer have to look up to others for help, but after being empowered with skills can survive on their own and maintain their family                                


A healthy community is at the core of a healthy nation and a healthy world. It is one of our core causes to help people in distress and natural disasters, so as to control diseases. We also organize health checkups and camps for the financially weak during times of general times of wellness. We help malnutrished children get their daily required vitamins and food.


We provide facilities and training to the children of weaker sections of society for well being as well and all round development, as enabling them to partake in tournaments and progress in life. A sense of team spirit, the capacity to accept failurs and struggle again to succeed and a playful spirit is required for a healthy outlook towards life, apart from giving them the oppurtinity to enjoy life a bit among hardships.                         

Social Welfare & Eradication of Social Evils

Helping those in need with relief in kind and goods, when the require the most, with the upmost care for their thoughts and pain.Helping people in distress and natural disasters to control diseases, as well as organizing health checkup and camps for the financially weak during times of normalcy. Removal of social evils like child marriage, not allowing of the female child basic education and open defacing, apart from many other evils.


New to our cause list, a devastating effect on humanity and the lives of many, especially the poor and the underpriviledged. During the lockdown, we are distributing food among needy families, now we are teaching ways to protect themselves from COVID-19, like social distancing, washing of hands, covering of face and basic hygine to be taken. We are teaching people to make masks themselves at home and how to disinfect. We are trying to find a way to still teach our underpriviledged children, who do not have the means to study online, as they have no smart phones, tablets or desktops, some even being far away from electricity. The solution to COVID-19 is afar, but with education, help and support, these underpriviledged families have a chance of extending their life with dignity and staying safe.